Start a Romantic Season With Great Shoes

The start of the new NBA season is approaching.  And it can be just what you need if you are trying to think of something to impress that particular lady you’ve noticed.  The new season may give you the perfect chance to ask her someplace other than the usual movie or restaurant.  Instead, why not take that lady you’ve been eyeing for the last few weeks someplace different, like to a Phoenix Suns home game?  A trip to watch the Suns play a regular season game can be a unique and novel experience.  It will give her the chance to watch a great game of basketball, and to see some of the future Hall Of Fame ballplayers perform live on the hardwood court.  That could be an experience that sets you apart and marks you as someone special.  Use a Groupon to get the best seats available, and invite her to enjoy the action with you.  A good ballgame can be an event you can both appreciate.

When you go to the game, make certain she knows to dress casually.  A sports venue is rarely the place for a lady to be dressed in classy high heeled shoes from Nine West, no matter how good they make her look when you are at work or at your favorite dinner club or restaurant.  And you don’t want her to be uncomfortable through the whole game.  Nor do you want to risk her tripping wearing high heels while walking through the arena.  She’ll appreciate you looking out for her.  You can let her know your expecting to see her in her best footwear the next time you two go out to enjoy an evening at a classy nightclub or dance.  thereby laying the foundation for a good future relationship just by showing that you are sensitive to her welfare.  She just might reward you by showing up for that next date wearing her latest classy acquisitions from Nine West that are currently available for discounts of up to 80% off when purchased with a Groupon coupon.  But keep your knowledge of the Groupon savings to yourself, just let her know you enjoy how she looks in those new shoes while you guys are together!